Listing your home with is easy. We handle all the legwork of promoting your home online for you. At the end of the day, you will have a high quality webpage you can be proud of on a website fully dedicated to promoting homes in your local housing market.
How do I put my home on
If you've decided you want to list your home on you have two options. If you want to speak with someone directly, then just call us at (662) 678-3726. If you want to handle everything via email and internet, you can fill out our online Home Profile form and submit it to us. Once we've received your form, we will get in touch with you and set up a time to take photos of your home. We can even handle your payment by checkcard or credit card through our online payment system provided by Paypal.

What will it cost me now and what will it cost me when my home sells? does not make any kind of commission at all once your home sells. We do charge a one-time upfront fee that is based on the asking price of your home. Our fee is 1/10th of 1% the asking price of your house. So a home that is asking $150,000 will have a $150 fee and a home asking $250,000 will have a $250. There are never any other fees and your website will stay up until the house sells. There are no relisting fees at 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Once your site is up, it is up for good.

What do I get for the fee charged by handles all the legwork of promoting your home on the web, from taking the photos of your home to building the webpage to populating it to other real estate websites like and Yahoo Real Estate. Your home's page serves as an anchor point to showcase your home and make it as easy as possible for buyers to see your home, find your home, and get in touch with you. Here is a breakdown of what you will receive once you've listed with us:

  • a high quality webpage unique for your home featuring as many photos as it takes to make sure it looks like you want it to, a strong written description, maps/directions, and your contact information. You have complete control over what goes on your webpage and will be given the opportunity to review it before it goes "live".  Your web address will be simple - - allowing people to find it easily and remember it.
  • a high quality yard sign (standard real estate sign size of 18"x24") to be placed in front of your house. The yard sign has a spot for both your contact number as well as the website. These signs still make it clear that your home is a For Sale By Owner home while giving you the benefit of finding it easily online. Click here to see the design!
  • The benefit of partnering with other For Sale By Owner homes in your area and working together to increase your home's visibility on the housing market. Each home's yard sign becomes a "mini billboard" for all other homes on the site, meaning instead of having a single standard "For Sale by Owner" sign in front of your house, you now have dozens of signs all around town bringing attention to your home.
  • Sign Upgrade Option: For an additional $40 we will provide you with a high quality sign frame and professionally designed flyers for your home. The flyers come with an "info box" that will be placed beside your yard sign. Your first 25 flyers are included in the price. The sign frame and info box must be returned intact once your home has sold, when you take your home off the market, or you no longer wish to use as your listing service.
  • We also offer the opportunity to participate in ads with other FSBO homeowners from time to time in order to promote your home outside of the classifieds section. These ads are available for a far lower cost than taking out an ad on your own. Greater visibility at a lower price!

If you're ready to sign up then click here and get ready to go! If you have more questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone.
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